Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Open House

The weather is making it seem like there is plenty of time for holiday shopping, but  it's already December! Erin and I are getting ready for the annual Holiday Open House at the Highland Ave studio. We plan to start early on Saturday, so stop by on your way back from the Winter Farmer's Market at the Armory. We plan to have coffee and tasty goodies from our new favorite cafe across the way, 3 Little Figs, so stop by and say hi, get in the holiday spirit and see our new work. If you can't make it to the shop I'm adding new items to my Etsy store every day!
birdies get ready!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terrariums - Terraria?

Which is correct? Both, I think. I've been doing some product development for my family business, Achla Designs, which mainly manufactures garden products- outdoor furniture, arbors, trellises and a lot of ornaments and things for feeding and attracting wild birds. We also have a line of items inspired by Early American traditional items found at Colonial Williamsburg. These include glass cloches or bell jars, which were used in colonial times to protect delicate plants from cold and drought. Organic Gardening magazine recently did a feature that describes their use. 

planted with peperomia, two types of moss and tiny toadstools

I thought the bell jars would make great terrariums so I made some ceramic bases and planted up a few. I used a combination of plants I ordered, some bought locally at Pemberton, and some moss from my backyard. I'd like to try some orchids. These are not the production prototypes- those will be introduced in the new year- just an experiment, but I really think they are fun. I included a Pre-Colombian mushroom god figure and some painted wooden rabbits from Oaxaca, Mexico.

without the lid- croton, rabbit foot fern, mosses and oaxacan bunnies!
creeping charlie, rabbit foot fern, mosses with mushroom god icon

So many possibilities to create miniature garden scenes! I plan to have some in the shop for the December Open House.

Friday, July 8, 2011

After Dark

Nightingale Sings, platter

I have been invited to participate in a group show titled  "Creatures of the Night" at MudFire in Georgia. They are booming down there! Every time I look they are offering more great workshops and exhibitions.

Slug in the Ferns, plate

I didn't have much trouble making some pieces to fit into this theme. I'm all too familiar with the slug festivities going on in my garden every night. We also have some birds in the neighborhood that enjoy a robust round of call-and-response each early morning from 3 until 4ish.

Bat in the Moonlight, plate
The show runs at MudFire Gallery in Decatur, Georgia, August 6th though September 10th. All of the work in the show will be featured on their website and available for purchase online.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have been glazing like crazy getting ready for the upcoming, citywide Somerville Open Studios, April 30th & May 1st. It is always a fun and busy event, rain or shine, with the shop looking it's best. With nearly 400 artists participating this year, one is bound to stumble across some amazing work. If you haven't spent time pre-viewing online and highlighting the map book, just step out and look for balloons!

We always work hard to present some fresh work. This year Erin and I feature some new pieces themed Urban Landscape.

Can't make it over to see us?
Shop my Etsy store!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

I have been poring over seed catalogs and my gardening notes from last year to plan for this year. Starting some seedlings indoors always helps me make it through the last few dreary weeks of winter. It's hard to believe that my perennials, covered with filthy city snow and ice will ever re-emerge from their underground dreaming. 

Waiting for Sunshine, square plate, 9.5 x 9.5 x 1

Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Doldrums...New Etsy Store!

The shop looked beautiful for the holidays, thanks to the facelift our building got in September, our new sign, and most of all, the new artist joining me at 259 Highland, Erin Croft Graves. If you haven't been in for a while, she is in the shop most Saturdays, working on her jewelery. Come and meet her and check out her forest floor display in the window.

Shop hours are limited, but now you can find my work 24/7 without struggling through the icebergs. I will keep a group of pieces for sale on Etsy- with frequent additions!