Monday, October 2, 2017

Looking back, Achla Designs

Downspout Trellis, wrought iron
Its been two years since I left being a full-time studio artist to join my family business, Minuteman International Achla Designs. While I continue to work in the studio in fits and starts, I have put a lot of my energy into designing and marketing the products we sell, and also learning to photograph them. I am gardening-obsessed in the summer and use my own garden as well as borrowed landscapes. I get the opportunity to seek out fellow planting enthusiasts, ask them to try out some of the items, and come back to photograph later.

Looking back, I am pretty happy with some of the designs- a good concept does not always result in a successful outcome, given the constraints of production and cost. It's a whole new process with new materials- I am learning...

Some of the 2017 introductions that I designed (and photographed) this year-

African Daisy Birdbath, in brass
Lily Pad Birdbath, brass with colored patinas

Hexagonal Copper Trays,  stainless steel with  copper plating

Deco Watering Can, solid copper