Monday, September 29, 2014

What's new you ask? FABRIC!!!

Besides bringing up bebe #2, (one year old already!) I have been busy with a few new fun projects.

I was asked  to design some fabric prints for a designer I work with using some of my watercolor paintings. That got me dabbling in Spoonflower and the wonderful world of digital printing on fabric! I took some of my clay designs and turned them into fabric prints as well. This came from a wall of tool tiles for a show at the Society of Arts and Crafts I did a few years ago. I used a photo of the wall to create tool tile fabric- perfect for knee patches!

I'm also working with a seamstress to create some home accent items, so look for pillows and tea towels making their debut in time for holiday shopping! Fabric prints are also for sale at my Spoonflower store.