Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Spring Onions  
I'm taking a break from ceramics and have resumed working on my series of tiny prints. Linoleum and woodcuts, views of the 'Ville, my garden and such.

I hope to show the series of city snapshots at Somerville Open Studios in May, but for now many are for sale through my Etsy shop.
Birds in Nest
18 A Spring, edition of 50

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Foray into Fabric

My first fabric collection is finally progressing and it has been quite a learning process for me! Concept and design has been the easy part, but technically, the execution has been tricky. I got some great help from a course I found from Pattern Observer's textile design lab. Got a quick study in the slice of Photoshop needed to put together the design and set up repeats.

This first project, for home furnishings, uses a client-driven concept based on shells, stones and seaweed found on the coast of Maine, using artwork done with watercolor.

Here are some of my painted elements and the first group of digitally printed test swatches. Hope to have the main collage design with two coordinating accent fabrics done soon!

Monday, September 29, 2014

What's new you ask? FABRIC!!!

Besides bringing up bebe #2, (one year old already!) I have been busy with a few new fun projects.

I was asked  to design some fabric prints for a designer I work with using some of my watercolor paintings. That got me dabbling in Spoonflower and the wonderful world of digital printing on fabric! I took some of my clay designs and turned them into fabric prints as well. This came from a wall of tool tiles for a show at the Society of Arts and Crafts I did a few years ago. I used a photo of the wall to create tool tile fabric- perfect for knee patches!

I'm also working with a seamstress to create some home accent items, so look for pillows and tea towels making their debut in time for holiday shopping! Fabric prints are also for sale at my Spoonflower store.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Good News and Bad News...wait, Good News again!

Well first, the good news is, with any luck, I'll be welcoming a baby girl into the world in a few months! I have finished up my studio work and will be taking maternity leave in September.

The bad news is that, shop hours and school hours are essentially opposite and in anticipation of the many years ahead with small kids in school, I have decided to leave the shop and move my studio home. I have had the shop for more than 11 years now! It's pretty sad to think of leaving my cute little spot on Highland Ave. I will continue to sell my work through my etsy store and who knows, maybe go back to doing a few shows here and there.

The other good news! I'm not so sad because I will be passing the shop on to my good friend and fellow potter, Liz Rodriguez. She will use the shop space as her studio and continue to sell my work along with hers. She'll be moving in August 1st and we'll have an opening party in September at some point. Here is a teaser- come by the shop- to say goodbye, say hello, see the new work!

Liz Rodriguez, Sugar and Creamer

Liz Rodriguez, Fleeting Heart Wall Tile
Liz Rodriguez, Chopstick Bowls

Liz Rodriguez, Candy Dish

Thursday, April 11, 2013

2 Spring Tile Shows

The 2013 6 x 6 x 30 Invitational Handmade Tile Exhibition at the San Angelo Museum of Art, San Angelo, Texas features 150 Handmade Tiles by 30 artists, all 6x6 inches square. Since I was only sending 5 tiles, I decided to make them more three-dimensional so they would stand away from the wall. I really like the format so I've made another mold for a hexagonal shape. I'm hoping to have more ready for Somerville Open Studios.

I also sent off some tiles to artTILE 2013, at Indigenous in Cincinatti, OH, a great annual show featuring a vast array of tiles in a wide range of style and technique.

Monday, December 3, 2012

30x5: The Dessert Plate At AKAR

30 clay artists make 5 pieces each, which is actually, 10 plates because some are sets, so...300 dessert plates! The show is currently running at AKAR Gallery in Iowa City, but if you're not in the neighborhhood, all the work is online! I made some extras that I have for sale in the shop. The Holiday Open House is coming right up- Dec 9th, 11-4, so stop by to see the new plates and have some refreshments.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


My friend Zach, who is a slug mug fan, came in to the shop to buy a birthday present. He was thinking maybe it was weird to say "Happy Birthday Mom, here's a slug for you!" so he decided to go with a snail mug instead. I had one with a cute pair-" like your parents!" I said, and it gave me the idea to do the slug and snail "sweethearts" mugs. I"ll be featuring "New Work" at AKAR Gallery, opening Oct 19th so I sent them off to Iowa today.

I have been working on dessert plates for  30x5, The Dessert Plate Show, at AKAR in November, so I made a set. Stay tuned for more plates!